Star Mural Supplies

GLOWMAX™ Powder (Solar Yellow-Green)  2oz $24.95
  GLOWMAX™ Powder (Galactic Aqua)  2oz $19.95
  GLOWMAX™ Powder (Cosmos Blue)  2oz $19.95
   Acrylic GEL (Mix with 2oz GLOWMAX™ Powder)  8oz $14.95
  Star Mural Brochure (100 Pack) $24.95
  Wall Mural Brochure (100 Pack) $24.95
  Squeeze Bottle (4oz) $4.95
  Paint Syringe (10ml) $2.95
  Paint Funnel (2oz) $2.95
  Classic Stencil Pack (Moons & Black Holes) $14.95
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